Biophoton Therapy: what is it?

Technical developments in the 70's made it possible to observe and measure very tiny amounts of light. This led to the discovery that cells in our body are continuously absorbing and emitting light (each cell emits 100,000 photons per second). It was supsected, and later verified, that these biophotons serve as the information system which steers and controls the thousands of biochemical reactions taking place within each cell every second of our lives. In other words, biophotons are the software that run all body functions.

de Chiren

Healtly cells are known to emit coherent light (like lasers); unhealthy cells emit incoherent, chaotic light (like a common light bulb). Coherent light has the capacity to carry large bundles of information, which incoherent light cannot do. As an example, laser beams can carry the digital data for our computer and phone systems across miles of fiber-optic cables.

In the same way, information piggybacked on coheren light is what controles and coordinates all chemical reactions in the cells of our body. If the light is incoherent, the information that it carries has been corrupted. The faulty information causes disordered cell activity, which in turn causes illness. 

Biophoton Therapy uses the Chiren instrument to find and remove the disturbrances that are the cause of the sysmptoms. This is why we only need a limited number of Chiren treatments for permanent results.